RAC and Lex Autolease form alliance

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are being promised a better deal with handling their company cars thanks to a new alliance between the RAC and leasing specialist Lex Autolease.

The two companies have joined forces offering a new vehicle leasing service, aimed at supporting business growth and providing greater choice and flexibility with car leasing.

The RAC’s Business Club customers now have the option to lease vehicles through a vehicle management portal offering new cars and light commercial vehicles provided by Lex Autolease.

The arrangement will give the RAC’s Business Club customer’s access to the buying power of the UK’s leading vehicle management and funding specialist, which currently has over 300,000 cars and vans in its fleet.

Customers will also be able to use the RAC’s Business Club platform, including RAC Telematics, RAC Fuel Cards, accident management services, van-for-van replacement and duty of care guidance.

Jenny Powley, sales director corporate at RAC Business said, ‘We have developed a powerful proposition with Lex Autolease which will provide SMEs with the best option for leasing fleet vehicles. As a business the RAC leases all its vehicles, cars and patrol vans so it was a natural step to give our Business Club customers access to the level of service and economies of scale that we enjoy with Lex Autolease.’

‘We are confident that working together with Lex Autolease will deliver the kind of service our customers are looking for when considering leasing, with easy access from the Business Club portal.’

Andrew Goodwin, business development director at Lex Autolease said, ‘It’s not only large businesses that can benefit from vehicle leasing. Opting to lease rather than buy cars and vans can unlock valuable capital for SMEs, currently tied up in depreciating vehicle assets that could be better invested elsewhere.’

‘Small and medium sized businesses already have access to a range of vehicle management tools in the RAC Business Club portal. The addition of Lex Autolease’s leasing expertise and special leasing offers makes this an indispensable resource for sole traders, entrepreneurs and SMEs looking to make better use of precious capital and work more effectively to achieve their ambitions.’