Octo launches driver app

Global telematics provider, Octo Telematics has launched a free smartphone driving app called ‘Octo U’ that rewards good drivers with cheaper insurance.

The app, which uses telematics technology to monitor and score driver or rider behaviour, provides users with the option of a personalised insurance quote based on their scores.

Octo U uses GPS technology to gather journey information and rank each trip based on driving behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking and acceleration. The app also takes into account elements such as weather, road conditions, time of day, type of road, distance, length of journey, cornering, and traffic conditions. Whatever their score, the app sends drivers tips on how to improve.

Fabio Sbianchi, CEO, Octo Telematics said, ‘We are putting control back into the hands of drivers. We hope that by better understanding what makes a good driver and with the incentive of a cheaper insurance quote, app users will be safer on the roads.’

Dr Tom Fisher, senior research and communications officer, Brake, said, ‘Changing driver behaviour is crucial in reducing collisions and helping all road users to make safer choices at the wheel. In-vehicle technology is an invaluable tool in informing and improving driver behaviour.

‘Telematics can play an important role in alerting road users to their own risky and potentially dangerous behaviours such as speeding and harsh braking, which is why we are excited about the launch of Octo U.’