MPS back FairFuelUK Campaign

Thirty two Members of Parliament (MPs) from across all parties have put their support to FairFuelUK’s Campaign for the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to fully investigate the ‘suspect processes’ surrounding all vehicle fuel pricing at the pumps.

Following the welcome and continuing freeze in fuel duty by the Chancellor announced in his Budget, the ‘unfair’ and ‘opportunistic’ pricing at fuel pumps has now taken centre stage for the FairFuelUK Campaign.

FairFuelUK Campaign supporters have agreed that the CMA should look at retail price changes in relation to oil cost fluctuations, commodity speculation, wholesale prices and distribution costs to stop further ‘blatant, opportunistic and unfair profiteering taking place at the pumps’.

Howard Cox founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said, ‘RAC Foundation’s latest figures clearly show that diesel drivers have been ripped off by more than a £0.25 billion in the last six weeks at the pumps. This is brazen and unscrupulous profiteering by retailers exploiting 12m motorists, white van drivers and the haulage industry. FairFuelUK calls on Brian Madderson head of the Petrol Retailers Association to come clean as to why such opaque and maverick pricing practices amongst his members continues unchecked for all vehicle fuels.’

The FairFuelUK Campaign has 1.1m supporters and key backers in the shape of the RAC, FTA, RHA, Association of Pallet Networks and Microlise.