Motorists confused by car insurance

Motorists are confused by their car insurance, and one in four, or approximately 8.7 million drivers, have no idea what cover they have, according to the Chartered Insurance Institute.

More than a third of motorists (34%) wrongly believe that if they have an accident while driving another car, their comprehensive insurance will pay for the damage, while 35% think that if they sneeze and cause a crash, their insurance won’t cover it.

The Institute said its new website will give consumers impartial, easy to understand information about insurance, and clear up any confusion.

To combat this problem the CII has created Ciindy, an online character there to answer questions consumers might have about insurance.

David Ross, director of communications at the CII said, ‘British drivers are frequently baffled by insurance, with many having no idea what they are covered for.’

He continued, ‘Should the worst happen, this could mean that consumers are left out of pocket or they end up paying for cover twice because they never knew they had it.’