More VM’s involved in DieselGate?

Four major vehicle manufacturers have been drawn into the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal after Government-funded research revealed that their engines are emitting toxic fumes at up to seven times the legal limit.

The Institute for Transport Studies at Leeds University tested hundreds of new diesel cars on UK roads and found that popular brands including BMW, Ford, Mazda and Mercedes, as well as Volkswagen and Audi, all emitted levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) far higher than the limits required to pass European tests.

The researchers said the huge difference between real-world diesel emissions and the legal limits set by the European Commission was ‘extremely concerning’ – and suggested that Volkswagen was not alone in finding ways to pass laboratory tests.

‘The surprising finding for us was that even the Volkswagen engines were polluting 35% less than other comparable cars, suggesting all manufacturers have found their own ways of passing the laboratory tests,’ Tate told the Daily Mail. ‘We found small city diesel cars are emitting more than double-decker buses or fully laden 40-ton articulated lorries.’

He added that cheating emission tests allow manufacturers to ‘sell tax-friendly, powerful luxury cars with supposedly low emission levels and make higher profits.’