Millions driving with dashcams

Almost three million motorists are now recording their journeys with on-board dash cams, according to a new RAC study.

And the survey carried out by the motoring organisation suggests millions more – 52% of those polled – are thinking about getting one.

One in four believe fitting a dash cam will make their driving better, while over two-thirds (69%) of those who have had an accident involving a dispute over who was responsible think having one would have been useful.

The RAC, meanwhile, is introducing a car insurance incentive for drivers that do decide to install a dash cam.

Lynn Hayzelden, head of retail at the RAC, said, ‘We have seen a surge in the number of dash cams purchased from our online store in 2015 and, as the results suggest, this is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.

‘Not only do dash cams encourage safer driving and provide excellent protection against insurance fraud, they can also now save you money on your car insurance.’