Latest EuroNCAP results ‘mixed bag’

EuroNCAP has released its seventh batch of results for the year including 15 cars from a range of categories, and with a mixed bag of results.

Of the 15 cars, 11 achieved five stars, two got stars, one was awarded three stars and another only two stars.

Almost all new cars in this release not only offer low and/or high speed autonomous braking (AEB) systems, either as an option or standard, but also have incorporated more advanced restraint technology on the rear seats to cope with the newest full-width frontal crash test. This is reflected in the high proportion of five stars cars.

Michiel van Ratingen, EuroNCAP secretary general said, ‘In less than two years, since Euro NCAP started its campaign to encourage car manufacturers to focus on AEB systems, we have noticed an increasing number of manufacturers responding to our call. Some of the systems are already capable of braking for pedestrians which will be the next test in Euro NCAP’s rating scheme in 2016.’

According to EuroNCAP, the BMW Z4 is the third and last roadster tested this year and the one that has been out on the market the longest. The sports car received a facelift in 2013, but it has not kept-up with the advancements in Euro NCAP’s rating scheme. Lacking crash avoidance technologies such as AEB, lane assist and speed assist systems that are so common on other popular BMW models, the Z4 received a three star rating.

With only two stars, the Lancia Ypsilon disappoints in important areas of the assessment, such as adult occupant protection and safety assist. In terms of safety, the new Ypsilon does little to maintain the legacy of a once famous brand in Europe. Safety critical consumers can certainly find much better choices in this segment nowadays.

Detailed results and crash test pictures of all 15 vehicles are published on EuroNCAP’S website.