HPI celebrates 200m mileage milestone

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HPI has reached a new milestone, with its National Mileage Register (NMR) reaching the 200 million mileage mark.

The National Mileage Register is the largest independent historical database of mileages in the UK, collating and storing mileage data for over 18 years from a number of sources including the DVLA and service and warranty documentation. The boost to the NMR follows the integration of mileage data collected by sister company Audatex.

Accurate vehicle mileage data is essential for dealers looking to protect their reputation and profitability and the NMR check can be carried out by any dealer as part of a range of vehicle provenance services provided by HPI. One in 20 vehicles checked by HPI show a mileage discrepancy, and any dealer found to be selling on a vehicle with a dodgy mileage risks prosecution, which could result in a heavy financial fine or worse, a prison sentence.

‘Buying a clocked vehicle is still a major threat to dealers,’ said Neil Hodson, managing director for HPI. ‘Not only will a clocked vehicle cost dealers more than it is really worth, but it could also risk both their reputation and their business if they are found by Trading Standards or the police to be selling on clocked cars. As clocking continues to pose a threat to motor retailers and consumers alike, decision makers within dealerships need to understand the essential role that HPI’s National Mileage Register plays. Now with more than 200 million mileage records, including readings for vehicles less than three years of age, it is a vital tool for supporting those dealers raising the ‘best practice’ bar, whilst protecting the motor industry as a whole.’