Ezi-Methods delivers on promise

Continuing its on-going theme of adding customer value and developing true partnerships, Auto Industry Consulting (AIC) has announced its 2016 Ezi-Methods prices.

‘When we launched Ezi-Methods, we made it clear that just as soon as the set-up, investment and research and development costs were dealt with, we would return even greater value to our customers by reducing our prices. So, we are delighted to announce that for 2016, Ezi-Methods has delivered on that promise,’ said AIC commercial director, Ben Cardy.

Since launch, the ‘three-clicks-to-method’ system has made accessing repair information easy, quick and effective for every customer. AIC offers a pay-per-month methods subscription.

AIC engineering director, Andrew Marsh said, ‘We will continue to innovate whether that is pricing, service or product in order to deliver the wow factor.’