Covea supports Road Safety Week

As part of Road Safety Week (23-29 November 2015) Covéa Insurance is lending its voice to a campaign led by Hampshire Fire & Rescue and supported by the ABI.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the four factors present in almost all of the ‘killed or serious injury’ (KSI) collisions on UK roads and also cause the majority of ‘minor’ collisions that occur on our roads on a daily basis.

The initiative, called Project Pictogram centres around five simple icons which graphically illustrate these fatal driving habits which are: speeding, using a mobile phone or electronic device while driving, not wearing a seat belt, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and driving too close to the car in front.

Hampshire fire and rescue are sharing the graphics and encouraging their use by all organisations with motoring interests to promote road safety. Covéa Insurance will be focusing on one driving behaviour each day throughout Road Safety Week and sharing the pictograms through social media.