Covéa revamps private car policy

Covéa Insurance has revamped its private car policy with the aim of making it easier to understand and more appealing for customers to read.

Using behavioural economics techniques, the company has identified the reasons why customers avoid reading their insurance documents, and used this information to redesign its own policy documentation. The changes are intended to encourage customers to take a little time to understand the product and cover they’ve purchased, and help them make informed choices about their insurance. Covéa Insurance believes this is essential to delivering a high quality service to customers.

Speaking about the private car policy changes, deputy chief executive, John Blundell said, ‘Insurance can be complex, but we can’t expect our customers to have in-depth insurance knowledge and hours to spare to read and understand their documents in the same way as insurers. Covéa Insurance’s private car policy changes are designed to recognise the competing pressures on customers, accepting that many don’t have the time or inclination to read the small print. We’ve attempted to address this by improving the way the information is presented, with more straightforward language, graphics and visual signposts to flag up important information, making it much more customer-friendly overall.’

John added, ‘The insurance industry is often criticised because customers simply don’t understand their cover. We’re aiming to change this with a more straightforward approach so that customers don’t reach claim stage without understanding, for example, their policy excess or their own duty to take care of their possessions.’

The Covéa Insurance private car policy is the first in its product range to undergo a makeover. At the same time, the company has used the opportunity to upgrade the cover provided, guaranteeing a courtesy car for customers using an approved repairer, and including uninsured driver protection cover.