Audatex launches new ‘operational forum’

Excellence, innovation and maximising opportunities within bodyshops are driving the agenda for the new industry ‘Operational Forum’ launched by Audatex.

The global risk and asset management software and service provider has brought together 12 bodyshops that collectively represent the UK marketplace, to tackle ‘head-on’ the challenges facing their businesses.

Utilising its global technology to drive efficiencies within the claims market, Audatex today provides seamless front end solutions for bodyshops and insurers alike, tailored to support their specific business processes.

The Operational Forum enables attending bodyshops to breakdown complex processes and explore how digital technology can further simplify these practices. This ensures bodyshops continue to operate to the highest standards in the future, improving customer support, satisfaction and ultimately retention.

Comprising small independents through to multi-franchise operations, from across the UK, the Forum embraces bodyshops, which have demonstrated a hunger for greater collaboration to drive innovation for the benefit of the industry as a whole.  This includes some of the bodyshops that previously took part in the Audatex Technical Committee. Other bodyshops will also be invited to participate in future Forums.

Mike Williams, head of estimatics and industry relations for Audatex, explained the thinking behind the new Forum, ‘The Audatex Operational Forum capitalises on the combined intelligence available from all members, providing an official channel through which ideas and innovation can be shared for the greater good. Working together in this unique way, we can overcome challenges that have traditionally constrained development within bodyshops.’

‘There is no doubt that mobility and technology are key in providing practical day-to-day support and improving business practices employed by bodyshops, not only within their own communication, but how they ultimately interact with their customers. The advent of digital media and, in particular, social platforms, has made the task of nurturing customer relationships more streamlined than ever.  The customer unique insights from the new Forum, together with Audatex’s global claims market experience, will ensure our future product development continues to meet the needs of the market – this includes embracing new automotive manufacturing technology such as hybrids and electric cars.’

Dean Weller, head of VDA services at Motofix added, ‘The new Audatex Operational Forum is a unique and highly valuable opportunity to improve the industry for ourselves and future generations. A key objective of the Forum will be to shape a comprehensive technology platform that will become a must for all bodyshops and vehicle repair centres – not only building an accurate and reliable repair assessment, but also guaranteeing a commercial repair for all users. This is only possible through industry collaboration and discussion in a setting such as the Audatex Operational Forum.’

Andy Pennell, group operations Manager, at Balgores Motor Group, concluded, ‘Becoming part of something that is solely focused on shaping the technology solutions that will support us all in the future is extremely exciting. The Audatex Operational Forum also gives us the opportunity to share our own operational experiences on a ‘here and now’ basis, which is invaluable in benchmarking best practice. We look forward with great anticipation to engaging with our peers and Audatex at the next meeting this autumn.’