ACIS secures Revolution rights

Leading distribution network ACIS has secured the exclusive UK rights to Bodyshop Revolution.

Bodyshop Revolution is a unique method of repairing vehicles which has been proven to produce outstanding results in repair markets worldwide. Bodyshop Revolution creates a new culture of efficiency by completely redesigning the layout of the bodyshop to ensure that the vehicle is moved no more than three times. It not only changes the physical layout of the premises using a proven blueprint, but positively alters the behaviour of staff and the interaction with customers and suppliers.

It achieves this by only having vehicles in the bodyshop that are being worked on as part of its ‘continuous workflow’ approach that also instils a more co-operative work ethic and an ergonomic and uncluttered efficiency.

Supporting this unique process is a range of robotic gas catalytic drying systems that can dry primers and fillers in seconds while topcoats are touch dry in under one minute.

Jon Parker, Bodyshop Revolution founder and CEO said, ‘Over the last few years Bodyshop Revolution has really taken off around the world, so recently we started looking for a partner to represent us in our critical home market. In ACIS, we’ve found that partner.’

CEO of ACIS Graham O’Neill, said, ‘We have had our own Priority Repair Program in place for a number of years which changes the culture of the bodyshop to greatly reduce key-to-key times, but Bodyshop Revolution takes the process and technology to the next level.’